Car Racing Types

People that are fond of automobiles will always feel passion and excitement for automotive racing, car accessories and thrilling sense of speed. Today there are plenty of such events, which involve all types of vehicles. F1 Grand Prix, WRC, NASCAR, NASCAR, drag racing are just few to mention which are at the ideal leisure for American car fans. If a roaring of the super-charged motor makes your blood pumping or you like spend weeks in the garage maintaining your car with your hands in the oil or if you simply like to watch car racing on TV every week-end, then you should definitely relate your life with automobiles or racing sport. That will help you feel the mounting excitement and the adrenaline rush from shouting crowds and the racing lifestyle. Car racing is an interesting hobby for people of all ages, social status and wealth.

If you are not ready to fully dedicate your life to racing, but feel a passion for cars, you can improve your road car. These can be both performance improvements and visual improvements that will make your car stand out from the rest. We advise you to purchase such spare parts and accessories from a reliable supplier - In addition to these, you will also find custom wheels, interior accessories and a lot of other things.

Most of the world racings are created for professional drivers by various organizations. Some of the world races like 24 Hours of Le Mans, where the reputations of manufacturers are very much at stake, has brought about some prototype sports cars that are, in reality, little different in their power and speed potentials from Formula 1 vehicles. You can buy such racing car from your dealer but you can shop racing car accessories.

Le Mans 24 Hours is the most exciting, spectacular and dangerous automotive racing in the world. Its well-known track has taken the lives of 82 spectators and 21 drivers. The Le Mans 24 racers usually begin by placing their automobiles all lined up at the start grid. After the flag is dropped competitor run to their cars from the pit wall, start the engines and drive off. But that tradition has been banned later as lots of racers have skipped strapping themselves in their safety harnesses in order to save time. Today, vehicles begin with a "rolling start" like in Indianapolis with their locations being defined through the qualifying laps several days earlier.

NASCAR has no other competitors when talking about race popularity in the US. Sprint Cup, Craftsman Truck Series and Nationwide Series are the top ones offered by National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. NASCAR is a simple to understand from that point the rules. Like in other competitions, the NASCAR racer that finishes first wins the race. NASCAR federation also holds different social events like charity forums and much more.

INDY 500 is one of the biggest single-day racing events in the whole sport history. Indy is an automotive racing in America, that is usually arranged annually at the Memorial Day weekend. The track used for those competition is known under the name of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway which is located at Speedway, Indiana. The race has borrowed its name after the formula IndyCar, where open-wheel race vehicles have competed against one another. The Indianapolis 500 is famous for being one as the fastest and the richest motorsport events in the world. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway has started as a dream in a human's head. The Speedway opens its doors on the first Saturday of May.

The World Rally Championship (WRC) is a rallying series organized by the FIA, culminating with a champion driver and manufacturer. The rally racing series currently includes 12 3-day events driven on various surfaces ranging from tarmac and gravel to ice and snow. Every rally event is split divided into 12-26 separate stages which are arranged on closed roads. There are two different championships: the world championship among the manufacturers and the world championship among the drivers and are separate, but both are based on the similar point system. The World Rally Championship was founded from famous and popular rallies all over the world, and major of them had earlier been a part of the ERC.

Drag racing became a legal sport in the 1950's, and since then it has remained popular gathering large crowds of fans. Drag racing is a kind of automotive racing in which motorcycles and vehicles are trying to complete a straight and short distance in the shortest period of time. Drag racing was founded in the United States and remain one the most popular competitions there. Quarter of the mile is the most common distance, although in the southeastern United States there are one eighth of a mile tracks which are also popular. Drag racing is a competition among two vehicles fihjting against one another rushing a straight track to get to know which one will cross the finish line first.